Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wonder Wife

Is there such thing as a wonder wife? Is there a woman out there that is good at all of the "wifely" things that we should be good at, and fun at the same time? I don't think there is. I think every wife, every woman has something that she hates doing, is bad at doing, or just plain refuses to do. I think I might have more than the average wife but can I just say my number 1 wifely duty that I loathe is LAUNDRY! I just. hate. doing. it. The only thing I enjoy about laundry is the end when it is all clean, folded, and put away- I just don't like doing any of the steps to get it there. Seriously, if I could pay someone to do one chore it would be laundry-hands down. Coach always says he knows I have too many clothes because I never do laundry and yet I continue to pull out clean things to wear (oh-uh he is on to my clothing addiction) We were talking at small group the other night about this issue, is there something that you wish you could learn how to do, learn to enjoy doing, or at least learn how to do it in the most efficient way when it comes to you wifely roles? Or is there something that your sweet husband takes on and you are so grateful that he does? Don't get me wrong, my favorite thing in the world is being a wife to the most wonderful husband ever, and I love every second of it but let's face it we aren't all Miss-Martha-Stewart-June-Cleaver's! I'm more like Martha Stewart with a nasty secret in my closet, ok so Martha Stewart had that too- at least I won't go to jail for my overflowing laundry basket! Ok, that was low- I love you Martha!


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  2. I don't mind actually doing the laundry and folding it, I just HATE putting it away!! The other chores I just hate are unloading the dishwasher and cleaning the shower...ugh