Friday, February 27, 2009

Way to go G

So as always the Lord pulled through, I finally have a job! I got a job in Gwinnett County at the Hamilton Mill Gold's Gym as a Fitness Consultant! I am so excited! The people there are great and it has amazing potential for moving up very fast (which is always a plus) It is also a great work environment I mean really we all know from Legally Blonde that exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy...I mean who doesn't want to work in a place where everyone is happy?! And I get to workout for free...bikini body here I come! The drive is going to stink at first because I will still be in Woodstock until Matt can find a job somewhere then we will find an apartment somewhere in between. Matt and I are so thankful for this opportunity we have been praying for jobs for quite some time one down one to go! Matt is going to a Gwinnett County Teacher Job fair tomorrow though so we are really praying something will work out there and then we will officially be Gwinnett County people! So thank you to everyone who has prayed for me to find something, and please keep praying for Matt also! We are confident that the Lord will provide for him also and are so excited to see where He takes us!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Herring Foundation of Hope

I had the amazing opportunity of volunteering at the Herring Foundation of Hope Gala this past Sat. night. It is an amazing foundation that was started by my dad's fiance, Sharon Burton, after her son was diagnosed, and later died from cancer. The foundation provides people and the families of those diagnosed with cancer with information and what to do next. Because the amount of information that there is now related to cancer it is hard to know what direction to take, or where to even start, the Herring Foundation seeks to step in and answer those questions! The gala this past Sat. was amazing, the foundation had a silent auction as well as a live auction and a portion of the live auction where people could buy hope kits (the hope kits are what the Herring Foundation sends to those recently diagnosed with cancer), and each kit costs $150 to put together. Just on the Hope Kit auction alone the Foundation raised enough money to make 115 hope kits (the goal was 50)! The foundation also made an astonishing amount of money from the silent and live auction items. The Lord has really blessed this amazing foundation over the past ten years and I know that He will only continue to bless it! I am so proud of Sharon and what she has done for this foundation and for all of those who have received Hope Kits because of her hard work and dedication! Please if you know of anyone who needs a Hope Kit, or if you would like to donate money to the foundation please visit the website HERE

BOARD games or BORED games?

Well if you know me, then you know that I love playing games (I'm a bit competitive) but I still have fun and love playing them! So on Friday night my mom and two brothers were all at home and we popped some popcorn and played rummikube (sp?) it was so much fun just spending some family time with them laughing, joking around and playing a game (which I won both time might I add)!! Then last night Matt was in town so Matt, my two brothers and I decided to play a game of pictionary. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard! We had a blast trying to guess what these ridiculous pictures that each of us drew were supposed to be!
So just in case you thought that board games were so old and boring I encourage you to get one out sometime this week with some family and friends and see what happens. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Super nervous!

Well as always the Lord came through. After weeks upon weeks of Matt and I praying for something to come through job wise it finally did, well not fully but I at least have my first real job interview today and I feel like I could throw up at any point in time. I am so thankful to have this opportunity but man I HATE interviews they are so nerve racking and SO not my thing. So for most of the day today Matt and I have been going over sample interview questions and answers but I still feel incredibly nervous and unprepared so if anyone reads this today before 4:30 just pray that the Lord would calm my nerves and comfort me and that I would know if I don't get the job it is all in His plan, and that something better will come along!! Thanks so much and I will update everyone on how is goes today.....hopefully I won't totally mess it up!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun times with sweet friends

The other night I got together with two of my oldest friends. They are so amazing and I always seem to forget how much fun we have together. We are all in different places in our lives and it is so fun to talk about old memories and new stories! We spent the entire night without once turning on the TV, just talking and laughing! Isn't it amazing how sometimes with great friends it is like you haven't missed a beat with eachother?

The Three Muskateers years ago

And us now (well back in June for Jessica's wedding rehersal)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So Sweet

So this morning I was doing a quiet time and came across one of those amazing passages that has been underlined and circled and all sorts of stuff, so you know it is a good one. It is Ps. 63, and it is so amazing I mean just listen to some of these words:
"My soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a DRY and WEARY land where there is NO WATER....Because your steadfast love is better than LIFE, my lips will praise you"
Uhhh so amazing isn't it? I long for his love to be better than life to me! Anyways just thought I would share this beautiful scripture and hope that it is just what someone needed to hear (as it was for me this morning)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


So I just finished (well still in the process because it is in the oven) making some amazing banana bread with my mom's kitchen aid mixer and I am in love! It makes baking so much easier, and it is at the bargian price of $299 Ha maybe one day I can get one but for now I guess I will just use my moms and pretend it's mine!

One thing that is great about living back home for a little while especially right before getting married is I am learning so much about cooking from my mom. It really makes me wish that I had paid a little better attention to what she was doing in the kitchen when I was younger. Oh well, I guess burnt dinners come along with the first year of marriage anyways!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So I gave in...

Ok so I love reading other people's blogs, maybe because I am borderline nosey and like knowing what is going on in every ones lives! I never really wanted to have my own blog but today I gave in! So I hope I can do as good of a job as some of my friends (whose blogs I read all the time)

I guess I will start with an update about my life:

-Matt and I have been engaged for four and 1/2 months and we have loved every second of it...we only have 103 days left till the wedding and I can't WAIT to marry my best friend!

-We have a wedding website ( so go check it out!

-I just graduated from UWG in December and am searching desperately for a job (anyone know of one?)

-Matt and I also recently got a dog, he is a cavachon (cavalier spaniel and bichon frise) his name is Charley and he is a hot mess but we love him.

-Matt is about to graduate, he will actually graduate the weekend before the wedding with a degree in Physical Education and he is also currently looking for a job.

-Matt and I are about to get a second nephew and we are so excited about him!

-I decided I am so ready for the wedding planning to be over and for May 17th to be here already!