Friday, March 27, 2009

Shane & Shane

Matt, myself and some of our close friends went to a Shane and Shane concert at West Georgia last night. The CCF at West Georgia put on the whole concert and it was amazing. Shane and Shane literally sound identical to their CD's that they put out. It was also just so refreshing to see two people who love the Lord so much up there singing their hearts out to Him. If you ever need some songs to sing as loud as you can in your car alone with the windows down and the music as loud as it can go then I highly recommed a Shane and Shane song! Go Here for more about Shane and Shane.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's been so long!

I am so sorry I haven't posted in like forever but things have been so crazy lately. Just an update...A few weekends ago some of our good friends got married in a precious chapel in Gatlinburg so we got to go on a mini road trip and had so much fun. We got incredibly lost on the way (but aren't you supposed to get lost on road trips? I mean it is half the fun!) It was actually quite funny to see the boys fighting and the Garmin "recalculating" every 5 seconds! The day after the wedding was Matt's birthday so he got to be in Gatlinburg for his birthday which was fun! We decided to go horseback riding up there because Matt has never been on a horse in his life (crazy I know!) so we found this barn/farm that was so random with the animals that it had (miniature pony, rabbits, emus, goats, peacocks, chickens, horses, and a llama!) but it was so fun! The trail ride was so scenic and peaceful and we had a lot of fun with the crazy animals!!

Then the very next weekend we had our first wedding shower which was SO fun! My two best girlfriends from highschool (Jessica and Christa) threw a couples shower for us! It was amazing how many friends and family we had there-just makes us realize once again how blessed we are! It was such a great shower...we got tons of GREAT presents and had a lot of laughs at the advice sheets that everyone filled out and the game that we played where Matt and I had to put marshmellows in our mouth for every answer about eachother that we didn't know! All and all it was such a fun weekend and was a huge success, I can't wait for the next shower!!