Friday, January 29, 2010

Can dogs tell time? If you said no I beg to differ. Example #1. Charley gets fed once a day at night when I get home from work (5:30) and you better believe that at 5:30 at night he wants his food. We know this because he likes to move his bowl right in the middle of the kitchen, just to make sure we realize that it is in fact 5:30 and time for us to put something IN his bowl.

In the process of getting his bowl to the middle of the is supposed to be up against the wall.

Example #2. He doesn't care what day it is...he is going to wake us up at 8:00am to go outside. Really? Sat. morning Charley?

Example #3. Around 10-10:30 at night he is ready for bed and will either pass out on the couch or growl at us to go upstairs.

What a smart dog.

On a different note, as you all know I love the Mr. and here is just another example of why...he lets me do all my crazy weekend projects! I would consider myself a pretty crafty person, like there are so many things that I see in stores or online and think "I can do that" and I usually try them. Some succeed and some don't. Oh well, anyways this past weekend project was something that I saw at a craft fair the Mr. and I went to not too long ago:

The before, a recycled window that I got for $5 at the Woodstock Market The for our kitchen. I love this because you can do whatever you want, put scrapbook paper as the background, pictures, or paint it like I did. It is just a totally custom, totally cheap, homemade piece of art. I think I spent maybe $8 on the whole project, $5 for the window and about $3 at Wal-Mart for the acrylic paint. Can't wait to put up picture of this weekends project!
"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness" 2 Cor. 12:9

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday G.G.

Well yesterday was my mom's birthday...out of respect for her I will not say just HOW many years ago it was that she was born, but lets just say this isn't her first trip over the hill! Anyways I love my mom dearly and I am so greatful for her. I mean if it wasn't for her the world would have 5 less amazing people in it! So here's to you Gwenny! You are such a strong woman, mother, sister, daugther, and friend! I love & appreciate you so much, and I hope that you have 55 more amazing years on this earth! (Oops gave away the secret).

Happy Birthday Mom!
My Mom and the Mr. at our engagement.
My mom and MIL at a wedding shower
The first time my mom saw me after I had my wedding dress on.

My mom and I at my college graduation.

The 5 people this world would be missing if it wasn't for Gwen! We love you mom!

We'll see how this goes...

So with inspiration from "The Biggest Loser" I have decided to set some workout/weight loss goals for myself, and I hoping that by stating them on this blog it might help me stick to them a little better!
1. I am going to do a half marathon training schedule ( I was planning on signing up for a half marathon however, I looked them up and there aren't any in ATL until like Thanksgiving) so my deadline for being able to run 13.1 miles will be May 8th!
2. I also want to lose my what I call "happy fat" (what I gained after the wedding) Scales aren't really my thing so I'm not really sure exactly how much weight that is (thankfully) but my goal for this is to have it all off before I put on my first bathing suite for the summer...I'm guessing May/June ish!
3. Make healthier meals for the Mr. and me, which for those of you that know my husband you know this might be the hardest of all three!

Anyways those are my goals...late new years resolutions I guess you could call them!
Will and I have a love hate relationship, Will Power that like the title says, we'll see how this goes!