Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Life in a Nutshell

So I think I might not be so great at this blogging thing because everytime I actually do sit down to blog there is so much that I have to catch up on that I either 1. Just decide not to blog or 2. Have a really long and possibly boring blog so today I went with the long and possibly boring one! So anyways I will try and just go with a short update and then start fresh from what is going on in my (our) lives today
-Easter was so much fun we went to some of Matt's families Easter and got to watch our sweet flowergirls among other adorable cousins hunt Easter eggs and get high off of all the candy!
-I have had 4, yes FOUR wedding showers which all were amazing and we got so many great things that we just can't wait to unpack and start using! I am so thankful for all of our family and friends who were a part of the wedding showers!
-One of my best friends just got engaged, Bethany Harwell to Matt Sauers. They are an amazing couple who love the Lord and Matt and I are so excited for them. Their wedding will be on June 27th 2009 and we can't wait to be a part of it (and all the things leading up to it)
-We are less than a month away from our wedding and the stress is on!! I am so excited to marry my best friend in the whole world but I will tell you I can't wait for this planning process to be over haha!
-I ended up having to quit my job with Gold's Gym and Matt and I are currently seeking the Lord about what to do when it comes to jobs and our future which brings me to the present...

So after months of looking for jobs I sort of hit the rock bottom and had a little bit of a break down yes the crying and laughing at the same time crazy sort of break down! After this breakdown I finally realized that Matt and I had not been seeking the Lord like we should when it came to this area of our lives. I really had a long hard talk with the Lord about this and just begged Him to give me the hard core gut wrenching trust in Him to provide for us and guide us in what to do next, where to go with our lives. So it was a really hard realization I must admit to get slapped in the face with the fact that I was just plain not trusting in Him to provide. So the next day I stumbled across a ministries website and really felt like this is it...this is why we don't have jobs yet, this is what we should be doing. So I talked to Matt about it and got him to look up the website and he felt the same way about it. Well that night we e-mailed someone on staff because we really just wanted more information and wanted to make sure it was something we would be interested in, well the staff member ended up calling Matt and they spoke on the phone for about 45mins about the ministry and what all it entails. Matt called me the second they got off the phone and was so excited about it! So here is the deal...the ministry is called Athletes in Action and the understanding that Matt and I have is that if this is something that the Lord has is store for us that we would undergo a 5 week long training, come back and raise support, and then be place at a division 1 school somewhere throughout the Southeast and we would be on staff at that campus and go and build relationships with college athletes and share the gospel with them and in turn teach them how to use their platform as a way to share the gospel with others. Matt and I have been praying non stop to see if this is something that is right for us, and at the moment we feel like the Lord has just continued to open the doors for us so we have decided that it is something we are going to pursue farther. We are in the process of filling out the applications and speaking with some other AIA staff members to see where this all leads. So the reason for me saying all of this is just to say that Matt and I are so excited about the possibility of going on staff with this ministry and we would love for everyone to pray for our journey and that if this is something that God has in store for us that we would be able to raise support quickly and that he would begin to prepare our hearts now so we would be able to mentor these college athletes and share His word with them!