Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall weekends, LOVE them!

The Mr. and I had such a wonderful fall weekend! Friday night we went out to eat and to see the new movie "The Invention of Lying" (really cute movie) then Sat morning we went to my brother in laws tennis match which he won! After that we spent a lazy afternoon around the house until around 3:30 when we were off to the North Georgia State Fair to meet up with some friends. It was so much fun! We saw the tiger show, elephant show, high dive show, rode rides that make you wanna puke, ate funnel cake, boiled peanuts, and caught some of the Chuck Wicks concert. So fun I LOVE the fair! Sunday we had a very relaxing day (skipped church because of getting home so late from the fair) went grocery shopping and then to the park to run a couple miles and throw the football. This weekend was like the definition of a fall weekend and I loved every second of it, fall is by FAR my favorite season and I can't wait for many more weekends just like this past one with the Mr. hope everyone else had amazing weekends as well and I will post pictures soon!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sew fun!

For a while now I have really had this desire to learn to sew. I have sewn before as well as used a sewing machine but I don't have a sewing machine so I never had the chance to really try different things. Well although I did not get a sewing machine (yet) my grandma has a portable one that she has loaned me for the time being. Now as I have mentioned I am not the most patient person when I have an idea in my head so naturally I rushed out to the fabric store bought some fabric and started sewing. Please keep in mind I barley know how to work the darn machine much less anything about garment construction but I did it! I decided to make a little girls dress, I love little girls clothing and I figured it couldn't be that hard because it's not that much fabric and the structure doesn't really have to be great. So anyways I made TWO dresses yesterday and I am so hooked! Career change? I love being creative and watching that creation go from a yard of fabric to an outfit. I didn't use a pattern just winged the whole thing so I really have no idea how they would look on but I am very proud of the final products! Anyways I think they are about a size 2T so if you know anyone who would want to possibly purchase them let me know
Dress 1: