Tuesday, March 29, 2011


N-ot T-oo S-habby Ha! Coach and I watched a dumb (ok I might have thought it was actually pretty funny) movie this weekend- Cedar Springs huh you've never heard of it? I have no idea why you wouldn't have?! Maybe because at the theater was the first time I had ever heard of it! It's with Ed Helms, one of The Office guys, and one of the characters in the movie always made acronyms for everything so I figured I would follow his lead today!

What's my NTS project? Night Stands! I did this a while ago but never posted anything about it so I figured I would now. I found two side tables and a coffee table on Craigs a while back and bought all 3 for $40. I planned on making the two side tables into night stand for our room and the coffee table into well, a coffee table! Creative huh? Anyways please take a look at how beautiful they were when we picked them up:Beautiful huh? Can I just say Coach looked at me like I was from another planet when we showed up at the sellers house to pick them up...eh I don't really blame him they are pretty hideous BUT after some ripping of the tacky curtains, primer, two coats of paint, glazing, and new knobs they looked like this:

Much better right? Well for some reason I don't have a totally completed picture of them but the knobs we got for them from Hobby Lobby work perfectly- I'll post a fully finished picture another time but for now NTS right?

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